1. I’m a beginner to Pilates with a few health concerns with joints and I was surprised by this routine.. your talking us through the routine with thorough explanation makes all the difference and the moves are easily adaptable thanks to you!! I’ve tried a few other videos and you definitely are the best !! Thank you !!

  2. Ms Jessica I did enjoy it this workout that u presented for beginners . I loved how u went in detail as doing the exercises .Thank u and u gain a new subscriber

  3. Easy to follow, clear instruction without unnecessary interjections – such as the
    Irritating & distracting ‘awesome’ common in many American workout commentary ! Every action
    fully explained, so that each movement is fully understood, and how it affects your body as you move.
    – Excellent Teacher.

  4. I started watching your videos and following along about a week ago and I already feel so much better! I have subscribed and I look forward to doing more exercises in the future. Thank you for these videos!

  5. First time watching. I’m hoping to do this every day with you until I can move onto the next level! Thank you so much for helping me keep active during the shelter in place time.

  6. Super loud echo on the mic but otherwise loved your video, you're a very positive person and you're very informative and a good teacher. Just getting into pilates myself, had years of back pain that no physical therapist or chiro has been able to address. Hoping this can start to help. Thanks for the free content

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