1. Thank you for video tutorial Sir Chris, I got accepted as an officer candidate course applicant in Army officer Candidate School. Keep exercise to prevent covid 19. Stay safe and God bless everyone.

  2. Bro why cant i just have this channel as P.E lessons.
    4real though, this channel is probably one of the best youtube channels for people who need and feel like they want to change.
    Keep it going champs

  3. chris bro can i do cardio on my rest days [also] and on workout day , in morning my workout and in evening stretching and cardio exercise PLEASE PLEASE REPLY

  4. Great video, we need more realistic exercises like this. Please can you carry on doing videos for the body as a whole which we can fit into our routine that will get us toned

  5. I love Thenx and Chris heria because they inspired me to do calisthenics and now i love doing it. It's fun and it's challenging. So I want to thank u Chris and also for making Thenx.

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