1. I have 2 uhm 20 y/o special friends who love 2 do topless yoga in my living room every Saturday afternoon.. I actually do get involved with whatever the ask me 2 do for them .. You know I want them 2 be healthy and fit

  2. I'm sorry Ozzie….I didn't hear a word you said…darn; I have to watch it again…Today is 05/19/2020 and I still have not been able to hear everything you said, BUTT i will keep trying….

  3. Womens logic…
    showing much body as possible with less to wear as possible …
    But if a man is watching than its sexism….
    I say this is sexism they showing a lot of their body we maybe dont even want to see….our eyes getting abused by females.

  4. Many of them are pretentious as fuck with all the dumb exercises and postures. Instagram is proof. Someone had to say it.

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