1. Hey. Just finished this workout. I am 25 years old, mother of two, breastfeeding, and have gained weight through my Marina IUD birth control… I am currently 244. This is my heaviest weight. I’ve always been bigger but this is the first time I’ve ever felt bloated and swollen from the extra fat. I’m usually fairly active but these past few months have hit me hard.

    My goal is to be back in the 100s. I completed the workout 10 mins ago and I’m still sweating! It was pretty rough but I’m glad I got it done. Hopefully I can do it at least once a day even if it’s just half.

  2. i was sick for many years and so i'm extremely out of shape. i see a physical therapist but i need to be able to do exercises at home, and so i looked specifically for ones you can do if you're out of shape/a beginner. maybe i misjudged just how badly out of shape i am (as for my weight, i'm mostly kinda chubby and not very overweight), but i didn't even last 8 minutes. i pushed myself to the point where i couldn't breathe and i still couldn't do it. props to joanna for what i'm sure is a great video for the right people but if anyone knows of any other videos that would be more fitting for an ultra beginner, feel free to hook me up!

  3. I started my channel initially to document a 100lb weight loss but a year later and ive not lost an inch 😢 i neeeeed something that works. Im literally starting this tonight!!

    Any dietary tips would also be helpful. Thanks for a great vid xox

  4. This lady does NOT understand what it’s like to be overweight. There is no way I can put all my weight on my knees or wrists without significant pain

  5. It was hard, but nice! Some of the exercises were just impossible for me, but I tried and I modified them on the fly. I've been doing exercise routines for more than a month now and I've learned to focus on what I can do and finishing the routine… Thanks Joanna, you're lovely!

  6. I was 297 about 3 years ago. My relationship with food was toxic, so I spent 2 years doing nutritional research and self therapy to address the root of my food addiction. For the last year I've been slowly adding exercise to my routine. I've lost 50-55 pounds on my own so far, but its mostly been because of food control, not exercise. But I suck at exercise. It's been a cruddy year for commitment to exercise. This routine was SIMPLE. It kicked my butt – I'm sore, but it was easy. I couldn't even do a couple of the exercises, but eventually I will. I'll just dumb down the ones I couldn't do until I gain the strength to do it like she does.

  7. My sister and I need to lose weight. She's 100kg and I'm 90kg. It runs in our family and we generally have a very healthy diet with lots of fresh vegetables, but we just gain weight very quickly. Well, we weren't educated to lose 😛 But really, joke's on us… Now my sister has also a condition where her hip-joints are slightly underdeveloped and egg-shaped, so her femurs threaten to be dislocated easily. She will need surgery and a prosthetic hip (at age 21…), but first she needs to lose at least 20kg.

  8. Today it's my first day doing this workout. I could only do 10 minutes, but hopefully my body will be stronger everyday. Thank you so much. Your video is the best! X

  9. I'm going to try this one. Seems a bit easier ( don't get me wrong guys, I am already into exercising and what I do is a bit more harder than this exercises). Just gonna insert my AB work out and BACK/ARM workout after the 2 sets. Hope it would work. 😊 Thank you for this.

  10. A lot of these exercise has too much pressure on my bad knees – what suggestions do you have for someone overweight with arthritis in knees?

  11. Will try this again as your coaching is very good, however wiped myself out in the first five minutes and felt something go in my legs. Took that as a clue to stop. maybe I need to find something else before coming back to this.

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