1. Funk- I just wanted to say thank you for putting these vids together. They are helping me to get back to the weight I want to be at. I’m 47 and losing weight used to be SO easy. Not anymore. Lol. Do you do any videos on healthy diets for guys our age? I just started working out and I’m not really sure what to eat along with working out. Thanks again, Rick

  2. Stop listening to the "over 40" workout" bullshit. If you're over 40, workout the way you want, get good nutrition and watch your recovery…..that's it. Stop being dumbasses to clickbait.

  3. I know the workout is spposed to be for men over 40 but I decided to do it anyway . I ' m in my 50 ' s . Love your workouts Funk .

  4. Hey Funk
    What size/weight dumbbells do you suggest for these particular workouts. I know it may depend differently for each individual, but thought i would ask. Thanks for the education and look forward to working out with your vids
    -45 and still alive

  5. Those curls were hip thrust momentum cheats and unsafe. I can't really believe anything from you when nothing you do is slow and controlled good form. You are a danger.

  6. Holy funktified 5 rounds I'm going to give it a shot Monday. Your my YouTube trainer now. 48 yrs old . Think ill go with 20db's lol so i get it done ,Yew

  7. Damn I did this today for 6 rds and oh boy did it kick my butt I, added a bicep and triceps set after , will definitely be doing this workout again, with my 42 yo ass 💪🏽

  8. Hey Funk, really like the workouts. I am in my early 40’s and I need something that is compact and effective. Just don’t have the same energy as before. These are achievable and challenging at the same time. Thanks for helping us more ‘experienced’ guys keep in shape and stay young!

  9. I'm 24 years old, but my spine is way older (I guess it is around 80's lol). I started to work out only with dumbells in a metabolic pace and I've never had such gains as I do now. Strongly recommend it to all of you, guys and girls. This channel is the best!! Hugs, from Brazil! 🇧🇷

  10. Just the thought or idea that something is suppose to happen in a negative way after we turn 40 is counterproductive in itself. I know Doctor's and their study's are the blame for that. But just changing the way we think about how we should feel or act in life period is most powerful. I change the channels when those "are you over 40" commercials come on. Big Frank Thomas needs to slow his roll on the butter rolls. Anyway, keep working and I'll turn the gym lights on for ya at 4:50 a.m:)

  11. I'm 45. Not sure If I would stop my weights routine for this. Ive always done 4/5 days usual stuff chest press+ biceps, next day shoulders+ triceps.. etc. Listening to my body and going heavy if I can. Maybe il cut my routine to 40 mins and do more reps? Muscle build is harder and not as strong. I've also been Intermidiate fasting for 5 months great result lost alot of body fat and gained more defined muscles. Yes things probably need tweaking as you get older. Any advice?

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