1. Angela Funk~ You are so funny!!! I actually watch the beginning of this video at least once a day, usually more! You make me laugh with your imitation of your husband- CLASSIC! You can tell you two have a strong & loving relationship!
    (I even got my hubby to watch it and he loves it, too!)

  2. Nice work nice video. Gonna put this to use. Side note, if there is ever a remake of Shaka Zulu done you would be great as the main character. Another would be a movie about Sam Langford “greatest boxer know body knew”. I see your positive light shining on screen. Besides that you got the body of a fighter.

  3. So I just came across your page/content and that INTRO was AWESOME . . . and I like the workout too! Being an over 40 man . . .I am definitely a new fan!

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