1. All your workouts are great Penny however this one I particularly enjoyed. Many people equate low impact with 'easy', which clearly is incorrect as far as your workouts are concerned. Thank you for the modifications too whixh are important for us more mature ladies whose aches and pains are consistent with age!

    For your longer workouts I find it work's well if I split rhem in rwo parts. I'll do 30 mins one day, time mark where I finished then do the rest the following day after repeating just the warm up before picking up from tge point I time marked.

  2. just wanna say how much I appreciate the no jumping <3
    pre-quarantine I was lifting a lot and was sad when the gym closed and I had to switch to cardio. This strength-focused video does such an awesome job !!

  3. Sorry but didn't like that one, too much stuff with weight on the arms, hurts my wrists and my left shoulder and a bit my elbows 🙁 so I had to adapt to other standing moves. Please please pretty Penny could we have a standing only low impact workout ? 😉

  4. Don't let her fool You! If You think that "low impact" ," no equipment " workout it's easy…it is most definitely not!
    Great workout, great sweat!
    Thank U Lovely 💚

  5. Great one! Ready for my day! You're the best! Can't wait to do your new one on Sunday! Checked it out looks fab! Love your cute haircut too!

  6. Thank you for this new Low Impact HIIT – especially enjoy the no repeats and the 60 secs rests which makes it much more achievable – finishing the whole workout without being too exhausting. 👍😃

  7. PENNY!!! I loved this. If this were a human, I'd kiss it. It was 😘! Pure 😘! Just what I needed today, after being sore from a weight workout yesterday. And it's great for when I'm traveling and don't want to bounce around! Soooo good. You da best 😉

  8. This was perfect to do for me on a day where I almost talked myself out of working out! I love all the compound moves you incorporate into you workouts to work many parts of the body at the same time! 😁

  9. Such a power house Penny! I love the work outs my fav are the 30 min kettlebell work outs. Please do also share your eating alternatives or what you eat in a day so we can match the excersising with eating. Do you also recommend protein supplements? Or its not so necessary?

    I'm so glad I stumbled on you work outs life changing

  10. I really enjoyed this workout!! I'm wondering about the "knee pointing in the same direction as your foot" mantra. In a couple of the exercises it seems like the knee and foot are not in alignment. Is this going to put extra strain on the knees?

  11. Great workout Penny – so many different moves – love the variety. Those kicks and squats got the heart rate up, and thinking ‘apartment’ was good – trying to place feet down gently/keep movements controlled – made them tougher.

  12. My favourite circuit was the cooldown :') Seriously though, this was ace. Prefer these no repeat workouts because it drives you to push through the pain with a tough move as you know you're not going to have to do it again. Plus the low impact is ideal as injured my calf so burpees etc are out of the question. I am destroyed but so happy I finished. Thank you! x

  13. And done!!! Did this one outside in the sunshine in 88 degree heat <3 My knee has been giving me some pain lately so this low impact couldn't have come at a better time! THANKS!

  14. Thank you very much for everything’s. May I suggest short time workouts, like 10/15/20 min? These will help a lot those who don’t have enough time/stamina to exercice. Stay safe and take care

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