1. You are becoming my go to Covid lockdown channel for living room workouts. Love your cardio videos and kettlebell workouts. Beijão do Brasil! 😚

  2. Short workout but packs in a punch. Sure beats running on the treadmill for an hour! Thanks again for another great workout Heather. I tried to power through both sets but only did one as I did this after another 30 hour total body strength workout. I find 40 minutes active workout time is the optimum for me.

  3. thanks for your coach us , let me tell you somethig you are more strong than many men i know, some times i have to stop when im doing the exercises because my breath goes away. Keep going like that see you at the Bay area San Francisco.

  4. Week challenge was great and today I started 12 weeks programme. Lockdown made me to start workouts at home and thanks to your work, I have good trainig every day and more time for other activities. Going to gym takes much more time… Thanks Heather for sharing your trainings 💞. Greetings from Serbia!!!!

  5. Heather, I Am curious. On workouts like this where we do two sets, in your editing, do you just copy and paste your first time through or really do it twice like we did and present both on camera? No offense, you just look like you power through, and are sweating way less than me, so I am wondering how you do it!

  6. What was that 'Everybody hates cardio'? I just love ❤️ cardio!!! Please, post some more cardio workouts! I'm happily typing in my own sweat swimming pool right now… 😂

  7. Hi Heather. Just a doubt. I do ur exercises without fail. Mother of 3 kids👶. People do appreciate my figure too.i always forward them ur exercise. But my arms. I just can't seem to lose weight from them. It's bulky. Anything I am doing wrong? I can't seem to tone them up. If u could reply, it would be nice.

  8. This video is awesome! I am a student and because of the coronavirus we have to stay home and homeschool. Our sport teacher want us to do these workouts but now I do it even if I don't have to!❤️😋

  9. Besides the fact that your workouts are killer, the format super effective, and the feeling afterwards amazing – can we just take a moment to appreciate how beautiful you are??? Inside and out. Thank you for your generous contribution to my wellbeing!! <3

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