1. Hey Sarah, i have fybromialgia and i did have 3 kids in 4 years. So i was in a lot of body pain all the time. Since i have adopted some of your lifestyles i feel so much better and more energetic!!
    Hope u will do a what i eat in a day video very soon! 🙂
    You're so inspiring

  2. Hi ! Thanks for doing this. I am curious as to what cardio and strength workouts are acceptable. I had just gotten used to doing HIIT workouts and more challenging yoga. I also love running. Now I'm not sure what I can do. I am about to make an appointment with a physical therapist but I am curious what do's and don'ts you may have from personal experience. Thanks!

  3. Dear Sarah! Thank you so much for this workout. I absolutely love it. I dont have kids but I was looking for a abs workout that I could actually do at home. Thank you a million times.

  4. I could do this every single day and my body would never look different. When I was playing soccer, karate, and running I never look different. LOL my body is like nah I like how I am

  5. If you struggle with the commandos, stay on your knees with your feet up instead. I struggled because my arms aren’t strong enough. Also, using a core ball behind your back during the pulses and Russian twists help with stability if your lower back isn’t quite strong enough yet

  6. Sarah thank you so much for making these videos. I really dislike working out so much but watching you and following along with your video gives me so much motivation!! Thank you for making this ❤️

  7. Wow you are so so darn lucky to be able to have gorgeous abs like that after kids!!
    No matter how i clean eat and exercise (I've done a TON of research for years and also have a ton of programs) i end up with loose skin after each kid and have a nasty pooch. So hard to get rid of and of course the loose skin is permanent. 🙁
    I'm so young and its sad how awful i look. I'm very slim and fit everywhere else, just my darn stomach. I don't have good genetics regarding the tummy area so that's the main culprit.
    I'm currently 21 weeks pregnant with my third, terrified what I'll look like after this one.

  8. I am little over a year post-partum and wanted to do exercise after I finished breastfeeding and I finally managed to do your whole video it's only taken a few goes but I did it! Thank you 😀

  9. I watched this last night and said "this seems simple enough!" I just did this routine and lesson learned: NEVER UNDERESTIMATE A WORKOUT! This was so hard for me, and I took frequent breaks, but I did it!! Looking forward to doing this again and building my abs over time!

  10. Sorry, an important question. As i said in a comment i'm doing the second month of the diastasis recti's routine. But i start in this week ti do other exercise in the other days. In this last One routine there Is your First exercise of this video, and u said that i do not have to Do It if u have any diastasis recti. Can u explain why?

  11. I am a 16 year old girl who has never had a child, but decided to try this workout anyways. This is the first time I have done something to improve my body and mind in a while. I just want to say that you are amazing for working so hard. When I first watched this video I thought that this workout didn't look too hard. I just finished and boy was I wrong. There are definatly things I need to work on, but I am pround that I am even trying. Some of these exercises really hurt, not my only my abs, but also my hips. One of my legs is an inch shorter than the other, and I am in constant pain because of it. I have finally decided that I will not let my myself use this as an excuse to let the rest of my body get out of shape. I am also being safe and not doing the mountainclimbers as they cause my hip to go out. I hope you and your family are staying safe and healthy and happy during this time of crisis. Thank you for always inspiring me to not only be better, but to be the best I can possibly be.

  12. I just found you! I'm way far… 2 years post partum but I never really worked out because I honestly just don't even know where to begin! I found your stage 1 and 2 vid a few days ago and I did both that same day! I'm assuming that's okay!? … Since I'm much further out?? I did check if I have any diastasis and I don't think I do, it's 1 finger or less. I just follow along to that video and that my work out lol

  13. Thank you for this video. Very motivating and inspiring! I’d love to see more of your workout routines. Maybe an arm and a leg day to go with your ab workouts. Thank you again, I appreciate you. Love and light to you sister 💖

  14. Girl!!!!!! I have been doing your stage 1 and 2 ab routines off and on since you posted them. I love that they are relatively chill compared to most other ab routines I have seen. They are low impact for my back, which hurts often after doing other workouts. I can still feel the impact in my abs a few days later, you know, the good kind of sore abs.

    I did not expect stage 3 to be so intense. I modified and took breaks to meet my fitness level. I will have to see how I am feeling tomorrow.

    Thank you so much for showing us that working out can be short (like 15 minutes) and rewarding. You rock!

  15. Hi, maby some one can help me… I am 5 months postpartum. I wanted to lose weight an a whose doing some workouts really hard and I don’t like how my belly is looking….And I haven 1-1,5 cm between my lower abs . What I should do? To start which stages 1, 2 or 3 ? ( I want to specify that I have good abs And I use to workout) (sorry for my English)

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