1. I hope you all enjoy this updated fitness routine! I included quite a few disclaimers, but I just want to reiterate that fitness is very personal and different for everyone. You're beautiful how you are! Timestamps are below if you want to skip to a specific section 🙂
    1:14– Disclaimer / my fitness mindset
    3:18– Me explaining that I’m not a fitness guru
    4:22– My weekly workout routine breakdown
    8:42– Non-running workouts I enjoyed doing
    12:39– Tips for getting into running
    15:34– Instagram Q&A about fitness

  2. Have you or anyone else here struggled with shin splints? I LOVE running but have been struggling with those and have had to take time off. Tips to ease back in/help recover?

  3. Love this! Have become a big Sydney C/Pop Sugar & Heather Fan since you mentioned them. Have also started running in lockdown (despite not running for years or ever being great at it) I LOVE it now. I too will be avoiding the gym. Thanks for the real talk on sweaty hair and not waiting for motivation. New subby xoxo

  4. Girl, THANK YOU for being so real and authentic, especially what you said about workout clothes and just everything in general. I've started running and slowly working up to a 5k, and your videos are my motivation. Thank you!

  5. Thank you for sharing this!! It's super helpful and encouraging! Do you have a morning stretch routine or recovery tips, I remember you mentioned on in your stories? (:

  6. This was so REFRESHING, especially the running portion! I feel like so many workouts are geared towards a physical appearance goal, when in reality that is not motivating at all especially since lasting physical changes take time. I personally love running because of the feeling when you complete a run, or beat your time and pace, or run a longer distance. I'm so tired of the shallow videos on youtube that don't address the larger importance of fitness as a part of your overall physical and mental health (not your appearance!), so A BIG THANK YOU for this video!

  7. This was such a great and finally RELATABLE workout video!!! And I’m the exact same way with running, if I have anything in my stomach before a run, my stomach KILLS!! Also, Sydney Cummings is so awesome, I’ve been doing her workouts consistently now for 3 months and it’s amazing! Lastly, how ironic because I also only wash my hair like 2 times a week now, I literally just want my hair to be healthy not so dry anymore 😍😂

  8. As a college long distance track and field athlete, these are the BEST running shoes brands:
    Brooks (high arches and good cushion)
    Saucony (super light weight and also have pretty good cushion)
    ASICS (I haven’t used these, but I’ve heard they have great support)
    Hoka One One (if you want something SUPER cushiony, they’re like running on a cloud!)
    New Balance (a variety of types of shoes and they are arguably the cutest! The 1080s are light support but lots of cushion, the Vongos are mild stability and lots of cushion, and the 860s are similar to Nike structures which I talk about below. NB also has lots of great workout shoes and racers.)
    Nike (lots of people who get serious about running like Nike for workouts and races, however Nike does have a TON of variety, the Pegasus, Vomero, and Structure styles all serve different purposes. Pegs are neutral cushion and support, Vomeros are like running on a cloud, and Structures are for those that kind of collapse onto the inside of their feet/their knees hit/collapse when they run)
    Adidas (if you like more minimal support and a wide toe box)
    Altra (if you want to hit the trails and strengthen your feet, these are popular in the trail running community).
    Hopefully this helps someone! I know most specialty running stores currently don’t do shoe fittings and gait analysis (which I highly recommend when finding a shoe because it prevents shoe-related injuries), but maybe some of this helps someone who isn’t sure where to start! Good running shoes can get pricey, so I recommend shopping on Runningwarehouse.com! They generally have great deals and coupons on all kinds of shoes. And a nice feature they have is they list a bunch of information about the shoe (support, arch level, heel to toe drop, etc) that other websites don’t list! (:

  9. I love your view. Health is a lot more but also fitness.
    I would love to see a video about getting to a healthier yourself.
    Greetings from Germany (:

  10. Natacha Oceane has some good HIIT workouts! She also has really interesting health videos that she backs with research.😊

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