1. Thank you again. This is such a great program
    I am a ballet dancer/ice dancer who will use this program when the studio and ice rink opens. Love and wishes for health and peace to you !

  2. This was amazing! I have to admit I was a little daunted by this at first, but found that although it was very challenging, it was also really fun! I am feeling inspired now!

  3. Wow such a tiny home studio💕…such a smaal room, but so effective. I guess you had the room already before these crazy times. Thnx for the inspiration, to do cardio in a smaal place

  4. Dear Maria, you are one of our favorite dancers and a huge inspiration. Thank you for taking the time to make these videos and share with us. We even want to learn your beautiful Russian language now..

  5. 7:42 – вредная привычка, прибавляющая поклонников. Спасибо Марии за этот курс, хочется верить, что эти видео постоянно будут тут. Уже начала пропадать хандра, так глядишь и похудею. Спасибо Вам, фитнес-доктор Мария. Вы – чудо! Да Вы и сами это знаете.

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