1. For 165cm guy, weighing 68kg can be quite overweight and might appear stout. I got huge tummy then I decided to take workouts and did weight training with Scott Herman and Anabolic Aliens. I thought my hypertrophy and strength were at their peak doing their workouts. But I was wrong! When I lost motivation because of the routinary workouts, I sought for some variety, put my dumbells down and tried body weight. I found your workouts and I swear to God, I REALIZED THAT AFTER YEARS OF HEAVY WEIGHT TRAINING, I still struggle with your workouts!!! Yours look easy but damn, I sweat a lot and literally cry! My hypertropthy and strength can be improved further. You inspired me to focus on body weights first. And just wanna thank you guys for the passion and by sharing workouts like this to everybody. Cheers!

  2. My husband and I love you guys. You've become part of our family and daily lives. We've even got other family members on the wagon with us. Our lives are so much better since becoming members of the HASFIT tribe!!!! Thank You so very very much.

  3. Yeaahh!!! New programm cant wait to do it.
    should i merge it with current muscle building program i am doing or start it after that one🤔I am confused.

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