1. After being inactive for about 5 months, this workout really kicked my butt!
    Here I was thinking, oh it's only 12 minutes, I should be fine, but I soooo underestimated my fitness level!
    Loving this channel, definitely going to try more workouts & improve my fitness levels at home!

  2. Hello there… Ein fröhliches Hallo aus Deutschland. I must say… THANK YOU… I very much enjoy your Videos. Straight to the point… keep up the good motivational work… Vielen Dank und weiter so… by using this Avatar it doesn't leave too mich pressure in one… especially women tend to compare… Great!!! ) 😊🤗

  3. I'm not gonna lie Roberta… I'm taking rest after 2 minutes😧 so intense….I keep loosing breath!
    But as the result, I feel great all day long 😁 I keep doing this, thank you

  4. I’m planing to do workout in the morning i’m just wondering will my weight lose if i do this for 2 weeks? I’m just 120ibs and just wanna lose some. 🙂 and is it good for you to do workout in the morning with empty stomach?

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