1. At last a channel that doesn’t want to turn me into the Rock. I am short 5’5 so big muscles on a small frame just looks silly (no hate if you are a professional body builder.. go for it! ) but as a short guy frankly i just want an attractive shape, so compound movements with reasonable weight is ideal for me.

  2. I feel like this is the ideal body type most women want: lean, abs, muscular, but not too muscular. This is what I am working toward.

  3. Do you even work out hard and consistently?? I mean i work like crazy and had that body when i was 17 just in three years!! I think you should take more carbs before workouts, lift heavier, more sets and reps and fix your diet (eat more fish,chicken,eggs and less carbs) cause now you look 12-14% BF%. You need to lose fat to pop the veins out and saw more muscle fibers! Especially shoulders, back and abs!! Work harder!!

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