1. Wow so amazed on how y’all jumped rope for that long whit no breaks

    I’m new to your channel in started jumping rope few days ago u guys are so inspireing keep it up 👍

  2. I usually do 2 min rounds w/ 30-45 sec rest for a 30-45 min session. Dang 10 min nonstop …. Goals!! . I start messing up around the 4 min mark. I'm either too much in my head and lose focus or fatigue sets in and I need a little break. It's all good though.

  3. She is not holding the rope correctly. You told to hold the rope closer to the ball bearing. P. S. I am a beginner and started to jump rope 5 days ago. On 18th Feb 2019 I was feeling I will never be able to jump rope in my life. Got a little depressed. Saw your beginners guide video. On 19th Feb I was able to do 17 skips. Felt invincible!! Thanks to you!! #DOTHETHING :*

  4. I really want a jump rope that's decent but can't find many, the ones your promote look great but are so expensive. Do you have any other suggestions?

  5. I appreciate your motivation and helping others achieve the sense of feeling better about themselves. There’s a lot of self help videos out there, but you guys are able to make it fun and worth the effort. Thank you👍🏼

  6. HI. I like JRD videos. I want to begin jumping rope. I want to ask the young lady a question: Can you please recommend a great sports bra for maximum support? Thanks so much!!

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