1. I see this as advanced prison workouts and now I know why he ALWAYS wears red….. maybe a Big Herc collaboration should be explored? How to: use martial arts to avoid a predatory cheek buster in the cell block.

  2. Omg 😀 okay you're genius ! Thank you Ando for this useful workout exercises, Because I'm not really down for going to do these workouts somewhere else. Home is the most comfortable place! .. Thank YOU!!! :DD

    2:10 great safety tip that saved many people life xDDD

  3. This was soo good… can you make more videos like this using things that we already have at home for training for martial arts. For example exercising while sweepin… or certain movements we can do while doin daily life things.. Some people really don't have time to go out to the gym and workout… Thank u in advance

  4. I love your videos and subscribed to your channel. It's so refreshing to see a non-Asian sensei like yourself. Open minded, realist, positive, experienced, level headed etc.

  5. I'm just worried either the door handle or towels will break much faster.
    I know about some yoga positions and exercises that aren't just calming practice but also actually muscle training in several places. Maybe do a video on those for martial artists?
    It's better than a towel cause you get to stretch, muscle training, posture, endurance in the same position, some more flexibility and you don't need any tools at all just your body

  6. Great video. Always like to see new ideas that cut through excuses. Last time I was at a hotel for two weeks, the fitness room was way too small for any martial arts practice. I ended up finding a patch of grass behind the hotel and used that for a few days. Thankfully, no one called the cops on me. However, I noticed I was wearing the grass out :() so I got a guest membership at a gym and just practiced there.

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