1. Quick question….did you do ballet at some stage? A lot of your exercise are reminiscent of barre work, etc. I loved it when I did it years ago! I so wanted to be a ballerina after watching Swan Lake. Unfortunately, by the time I was 11, my ballet teacher informed me that I was going to be too tall to ever be a ballerina! I was devastated! 🙁 I went onto do Tap and Modern; not that strict about height. Still love ballet though; I was able to see "Coppelia" by the Russian Ballet about 14 years ago. It was wonderful!

  2. I think that this one has to be my all time favourite daily routine as it touches all parts of the needed areas – legs, butt and abs – for an excellent workout. I also like to add an arm workout plus a balance workout which includes lunges, plus a couple of HIIT workouts. And those walks. Thanks for all of these workouts plus your meal plans! xx

  3. Going through all of your Home Workouts, all ma only cardio and full body ones, all excellent, I’ve done four of them this morning and will do four more after a walk (don’t really feel like jogging outdoors so will do a steep mountain walk because I need the panoramic views today). xx

  4. Yes that was a great re-visit after the 15-minute indoor jogging with toning. Feel energised and ready for that windy walk now…after a quick cappuccino… xx

  5. Hi Holly, This is Poonam from India. Almost all gals have cellulite problems. I know it is permanent however, it can be reduced with proper exercise. Can you please make video how to reduce cellulite on thighs and butt. thanks

  6. Awesome workout girl! But I think plie squats must be done with straight back up and down and not moving the back forward..😅 but anyways you're amazing and you help me so much! thank you❤️

  7. I almost passed out at the end of the second chair circuit… had to take a 5min break! LOL but it was GOOD, I´m soaked right now xD Thanks again Holly!!!

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