1. This really destroyed my abs (in a good way!) Thank you Lilly!
    Does anyone know the name of the song that goes "thought you really loved me guess I was wrong; though you'd never leave me…" that's the intro/closing "theme" to many of Lilly's videos? 🙂 Thanks

  2. Hi from Budapest! I've just finished gym. 🙂 It was amazing video! Well built-up exercises for abs! Love it with the music also! Thank you, I loved it!

  3. My fitness routine is one of your 10 minute ab workouts and a weightless arm workout 6 days a week i also do a 30 minute cardio workout 6 days a week. I was wondering, if I do this workout on one of the six days instead of the 10 minute ab workout and the cardio if i would still see results?. There is no way i could do this two weeks straight, I have not done this yet but it looks killer.

  4. I sometimes nail myself looking at your body, how your muscles working out instead of working myself 😅 but this view is too much beautiful to omitt it 😉

  5. Hello Lilly!

    I did not enjoy this routine it was too crazy for me 😜 too hard to keep up with your adrenaline level and going so fast is hard to keep the correct form and avoid injuries.. I like it better when you do simpler routines that I can follow and enjoy 😉

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