1. Very good video! I'm trying to do the first exercise but i have a question. What to do whit the bones onder mu but? they keep rubbing against the floor and its uncomfortable. Also I'd like to minimize the activation of hip flexors. How can I? Ty

  2. So far this is the probably the 100+ ab workout that i've watched on youtube….still waiting to get motivated….😁😁😁

  3. Is it just me or are these too hard for beginners?! Seems more like intermediate to me! I could barely do these. Good video I’ll work up to this

  4. So i was doing your work out and its hard but if just trying it dos help my abdominal I feel the burn the reason I think it's hard is because I'm a bigginer thank you

  5. I have like a lot of FAT lower and it’s like hard and I can’t get it away just of that fat part is it impossible for me to wear high waisted jeans or jogging pants or leggings orr skirts I litterly just wear dresses and sometimes high waist with a looong shirt above it please someone give me tips I really can do this exercise but if it is not gonna work I don’t want to spill my time pls someone exercise and diet tips or instruction 😭😭😭

  6. Last year i woke up an hour earlier than i had to before school and did this video every morning. I now have a flat stomach!!!!

  7. Currently been doing ab workouts before bed and before I get my day started and geeeesh I see A change also get an amino acid and eat lots of proteins and you can see results after a week !!! 😊😊😊

  8. Another great one for the sides and to get the 'v' shape on your lower stomach, is side crunches. Place your ankle over your opposite knee for example (R ankle over L knee making a triangle shape between your legs) whichever leg is the one with supporting knee, so in this example case, the left leg, you want to take the left arm to your right knee which is making the point of the triangle. Make that arm a triangle with your head by simply bending your elbow. Place your other arm straight out to bass and lift up your triangle arm to the right knee, this will tense and strengthen the abs on the opposite side of the raising arm. Repeat on both sides in rounds of about 40
    Sorry that it sounds so complicated. I'm not great with words 😂🙏❤️

  9. 1. U – Boat – 30sec.
    2. Leg Drops – 30sec.
    3. Leg Drop crunches – 30sec.
    4. Alternating Leg Drops – 30sec.
    5. Knee – Tuck To Low – V – 30sec.
    Rest time 10sec.

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