1. I really enjoy this older, full body workout and stretch. It’s done slowly to feel the full effects. Instructions and encouragement top notch, as always. I come back again and again.

  2. Thank you for all your hard work putting these workouts together! I've been doing a new one each day this week and look forward to doing this one tonight. My clothes are already fitting better.

  3. Omg. Tried this 3 days ago. Didn't seen TOO tough at 1st, thought I'd be able to try it again the next day, but the pain set in about 36 hours later. My hamstrings have been toast for 3 days. But, I just gave it a 2nd shot. Feeling it in the abs and hamstrings. I seem to be incapable of doing any meaningful squat, so I put a bench behind me to have something to squat/lower to. Don't know how else to get to a squatted position. Also, I have terrible balance in discovering, so have to keep a chair back near for much of it. And the breathing part in struggling with, I'm constantly exhaling when you say I'm supposed to be inhaling and vice versa. Can't seem to get that straight. I spend so much time trying to get my breathing corrected that I'm dang near hyperventilating. Ugh. But I'll keep at it, once my hamstrings recover. 🙂

  4. Hi, thank you so much for ur videos, they are very helpful. I used to do aerobics on a daily basis but I’ve been in a car crash and wasn’t able to exercise for like a year, and sadly i gained a bit of weight, now I’m doing ur workouts, I started with some cardio workouts but they’re a bit hard for to do yet, and this one is a bit easy, i wanted to know if it’s ok to do two of ur videos , like after one another? Like i do this one first and then do a 10-15 mins cardio?

  5. Thought this would be easy but in the middle (since it as nice and slow i did more than 10 reps) I started to break out in sweat and I am sure my muscles are going to ache!! 🙂 thanks for this!!! love all your videos and how inspiring you guys are!

  6. I really liked this workout, especially after not being about to exercise for the past few months. Been experiencing extreme lower back pain and found out after doing an MRI, that I have multi-level desiccated discs, a slipped disc and hernias, quite possibly assisted from car accident in 1999. It really feels good to be excersing after so long, but I have to use wisdom and take baby steps so as not to aggravate my lower spine. Thanks Daniel! 04/07/2017

  7. I didn't do any exercises for over 3 months, so basically i'm a beginner all over again. And I was wondering if I should do the whole 40 mins in one day? Is it ok since i haven't worked out for so long?

  8. Thank you! First workout routine in over 3 years. Great way to get back in to exercise. This is great for form. Instructor goes slowly, focusing on proper technique.

  9. I've been working out with you guys for over 2 years and I've never gotten bored! During the last few weeks it's been hard to find a core workout that doesn't have back bows. I'm 11 weeks pregnant, I'm also pretty short so my belly goes out very soon. What is a good alternative to back bows that will strengthen the back? Will there ever be a core video that doesn't have back bows or swimmers? They are great exercises but I can't do them for the time being. Keep up the good work! Thanks for all you do!

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