1. Really enjoyed this exercise. I am very unfit but found this very motivating. The only exercise I struggled with was the Burpees. Are there any standing alternatives?

  2. I was so lucky to find this Video. I'm really overweight and i want to use this year as a opportunity to lose atleast the first half of my goal. As i wanna loose atleast 60kg, thats a long way.
    I tried it with blogpilates, cause she really looked motivating and really nice, but following her Workouts only made me frustrated, cause i couldn't even finish 1 workout. So i quit working out.
    But this here really made me motivated to just pull through. Now i made my FIRST full workout, only had to Pause one time during the second half and i'm happy like a pretzel that i finally can follow someone.
    Wish me luck guys. My 60kg maybe not so unreachable anymore

  3. Thanks for this workout. I had the coronavirus and still recovering. This workout is perfect for me, because my lungs are still hurting and my condition is very low.

  4. I’m not extremely overweight but I’m finding that all these exercise programs created by skinny people are waaay too hard. This seems like a great program to follow no matter what size you are.

  5. Hi, I have been doing these exercises also I have had a go at the 10,000 step challenge! I have a misaligned knee cap and also over weight! I was just wondering if I’m doing more damage than good to my knee as it is so painful 😢

  6. Thank you for this amazing workout! Specially for us obese or overweight we won't have to push ourselves doing workouts which we know we weren't doing right.

  7. I'm overweight and until now didn't really care that I was overweight. My sister sent me this video and it's doable yet challenging. Certainly more than I have been doing.

  8. I am really glad I found this video. I have a hard time following along with other fitness youtubers because they are so intense. I will be 23 in 2 days and I am the heaviest I have ever been. I'm 5'8" and currently weigh 215 lbs, and my doctor told me that I am considered obese. After hearing that I am desperate to get healthier. My first goal weight is 170 lbs. After watching this video it gives me hope that I can reach my goal. Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart.

  9. I love this workout I started my weight loss journey in January after my fighting endometrial cancer i had to have a hysterectomy and a tummy tuck and as a 340lb women exercising was a problem…. That's why I love this workout thank you so much for helping us overweight people….. start weight 345lb now 276lb weight goal is 145lb xxxGood Luck and best wishes everyone,

  10. Starting now. Staring weight is 80Kls for a 5.2" obese 1 mother. Trying maybe I still have hope on losing weight.

    Target weight: 50Kls

  11. So it's been a month, never missed a day. Lost a little weight but more importantly i see a change in my right shoulder that was very … stiff, blocked. I had an injury 4 years back. Now it's moving a lot easier. So keep moving 💪 it's a long road and may the force be with you!

  12. I remember the first day I did this I woke up so sore lol but it really does put your body to the test esp for one who never really works out or stretches lol, love this work out 🙂

  13. Thank you for this workout. My goal for this year is to shed 30lbs and be able to jog 5k. This will definitely help as it is realistic so I can follow to the end. As I get stronger, I'll take the advice and add more reps.

  14. I started Keto on January 2nd & I'm down 54 pounds & I'm stuck. I'm so glad I found you! Please continue to do these videos for the overweight. I need these to help me reach my goal of losing 100 pounds! Thank you so much for this video.

  15. How many lbs did i loose after doing this exercise for a full week now,well guess what none but this wont make me stop right now,one thing i know I’m sleeping well comfortable at nights ,thank you Joanna

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