1. Thank you I loved this one! I'm 60 and have a prolapse so jumping about (like star jumps) just makes me feel heavy and uncomfortable, but this got my heart pumping and me sweating, Love it!!!

  2. Just done this 🙂 I’m in isolation and little workouts like these keep my heart pumping and mind off everything that’s going on in the world right now ❤️ keep safe everyone

  3. I've been leaving comments on some of your other videos that I'm doing but no one has responded: ) Tracy I loved your video with the Dyson hair blower. Would you please consider sharing how you colour your hair? Your hair always looks so good. I love all of your videos, thank you so much!

  4. Today, I paired this workout with 2 of your 20-minute Transformer workouts. Ending my workout this kickass, no-excuses, tarsal-tunnel-friendly, low-impact routine was FABULOUS! Boom.

  5. HOE. LEE. SCHNIKEY. PIKEY. I am sweating. I feel accomplished. This was AMAZING! I did 4 of your videos this morning (1 for lower body, 2 upper body/abs, 1 upper body) and felt like doing this one, this afternoon – killer cardio in the best way.

  6. Good workout! Low intensity, low impact workouts that are less than 30 minutes, and that have a weight- bearing component (whether it's your own body weight or hand weights) are the best so that one does not get adrenal fatigue. Especially since we live in a high stress culture where a lot of people are on anti-anxiety meds and suffer from High cortisol levels. High cortisol output means a decrease in fat metabolism and an increase in fat around the belly. I haven't looked at all of your videos, but if you haven't made one like that, can you?
    Pilates, PiYo, and yoga are good examples of a great workout that minimizes adrenal fatigue while building up the musculoskeletal system.

  7. I`m really trying to keep up with your speed, but I can`t I just started and I just realize how lazy I was the last years. Thank you for your motivation! 🙂

  8. Tracy – working out with you has saved me so much time – driving to gym and back, and money on cute workout clothes for the gym 😉 I love having the flexibility to work out from home because life is just busy!! Thanks for sharing your story and following your calling to help people like me 👍

  9. I do 1 hour workout a day at least (I work 8 hours a day, yeah both is possible) and I choose different workouts everyday and usually I like doing jump workouts but this was great and made me sweat so much 😀 but it was fun too, keep it up please! :3

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