1. Is this really low impact fir beginners ??? He is out of breathe and struggling and he dies it every day !!?, I AMA beginner at 65 and this could not be low impact , he is struggling ! Put me off entirely !,,

  2. Hi Joe, just enjoyed this workout. What can i use in a smoothie to make up for Oats? we're all out. Is natural Peanut butter an ok sub for protein powder

  3. Hate to bother but might I be able to ask if there is a routine that don't require getting on knees? I have arthritis in both and it hurts a lot to be on them.

  4. From your 7 Day Sweat Challenge to your low impact workouts馃槂馃槂馃槂 I have to be careful with my knees… as the weight decreases, I will increase the intensity馃槂馃槂馃槂 Thank you for all the levels of training I will ever need!!! You are prayed for Mr. Joe馃檹馃檶馃晩鉁濓笍馃憫馃槂

  5. I've dropped nearly a jean size in a month!

    I've been doing this for a month, along with the hotel workout cos my room is small (that killed me for about 4 days after), and the 20 minute abs workout, and the legs and bum workout, so I do something different each day and sometimes have days off if I'm aching too bad or going out early. I've cut out bad food like biscuits and chocolate and just eat fruit (I really like those Bear YoYos) and I go walking everywhere. I've definitely lost weight. I'm a size 14, I'm now onto my last hole in my belt and I can stretch my belt and jeans out so soon I should be able to wear size 12. I put off losing weight for ages cos I thought it was too hard and eating healthy was too expensive and I had all the same excuses as everyone else.

    But exercising for 20 mins a day is hardly anything and eating fruit is easy, eating healthy meals is easy cos I love chili and cottage pie and sunday dinner and they all have loads of veg and protein in. I eat eggs and toast for breakfast which fills me up most of the day. I do the 16:8 fast which is basically eating food within an 8 hour window and not eating the other 16 hours, sometimes I stretch it a bit but I find it's not that difficult, and I eat healthier because I only have an alotted time. I've just found Vicky Justiz who is good for women cos her workouts are aimed at smaller waist, rounder hips and fuller bums so I'm going to start doing some of hers alongside Joe's. I am the laziest person ever, I used to buy packets of biscuits and donuts to celebrate the weekend. If I can do it, anyone can do it.

  6. Hi,

    Workout looks good but out of all the exercises there is one I can do, the standing punches.

    I suffer from spinal damage and degenerative disc diseased so a lot of the exercises are completely unsuitable for me and others that suffer the same way.

    Would you be willing to create Low Impact workout for those with back injuries or damage?

    I used to play squash and cycle but have been unable to do these since the back problems occurred.

    Would be really interested to see if you have any suggestions.


  7. I have recently changed my exercises to these HIIT workouts and I am loving them, same effectiveness in like a quarter of the time!! However, I have so little knowledge about what the appropriate diet should be! and i find eating healthy is so much more expensive. I do try my best but need tips on how to eat well without breaking the bank!! Anyone got any advice???

  8. Dear joe!
    I just did your beginners hiit and I am sweating!!! Thanks so much and I am gonna stick through this for a month and move on to something more from u! Thanks!!!

  9. I love these short exercises. I struggle but will continue until I can do them easily. I feel good after the workout. Keep up the good work Joe.

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