1. I came back to do exercise again after long time. This video helped to step back in the game. I always use fitness blender every time I wanna do something go to my body. Thanks a lot.

  2. Just started to exercise again after long 10 days break due to stomach flu. This exercise really help me to do step by step recovery to get back into my weight training routine . Thank you @fitnessblender

  3. I loved it. I can exercise now without any pain thanks to this. I tried many beginner workouts before but, they were taking their toll on my neck and back. Thank you

  4. Thank you so much for the opportunity to work out to your videos. I have health problems and just started doing your workouts. I am doing them as much as possible. Thank you again!

  5. Perfect! Taking a new approach to working out. Instead of doing 3 intense days a week (which I would stick to for a month or two then fall well off the wagon for 6 months) I decided to work out everyday but give myself easy days. From this I discovered that forming the habit is the most important part of fitness. 4 months into my new exercise regime and I am not bored! First time for everything. Thanks FB!

  6. Hello Fitness blender what do you call the playlist for beginners because I always find it difficult to locate this playlist,. I've been playing with you for 6 years since 2014.

  7. I've been doing beginner workouts for 3 weeks now and I hadn't tried this one. For someone who is just starting out, with what frequency should it be done, and for how long? Thanks!

  8. For several years, I was addicted to your most difficult workouts and religiously did them daily. Then for whatever reason, I stopped about a year ago. I tried to go back to my old workouts but found myself unable to keep up with my old self after a few minutes. This workout is perfect to go back slowly but surely into the groove. This time, I'm not going to stop…

  9. I am at the very very beginning of my fitness journey and this is the first workout video I’ve used. I was getting frustrated while doing this workout because my balance was off and I felt like I couldn’t do it, I almost gave up but I listened to the instructor and kept going. I just finished it, I’m sweating and I’m so happy I got through it!

    Thank you so so much for making a workout video for super beginners like myself!

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