1. Dear Susana 💖 I couldn't thank you enough for your video 💖 I tried so many others before this one by different trainers and they all were too intense !
    I thought that it was my mistake or that I'll never be able to be fit 😔
    But you just boosted my confidence and self-esteem ❤️ I feel on fire 🔥
    Thank you so much ❤️
    I'll do this every day and make sure to check your other videos 😉

  2. Just found your channel..amazing workouts. Just started doing this workout this week. Adding this to my another workout. Hope to see some results in a month's time. Love cardio without jumping or lying down on the floor. Thank you

  3. I love your videos Susana. I'm 51 years old with back surgery for scoliosis and I do some of your videos based on what I can do. I skip the parts I can't and I see a difference in my body. Thank you for giving me hope. God bless you ❤❤❤

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