1. Thanks for the great videos. I surched long for something like this, im happy 🙃. Can you Tell me the name of the last song in this video? Its so great for workout.

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  4. Hello. I’ve always been self conscious about my weight. I’m a teen and really want to loose weight, is this the best way to loose weight? I have a cross trainer at home, but also what diet?

  5. man i was doing it so wrong. just aiming calorie burn of 400 with constant speed. have no effect on me since last year. im gona try ur way from today.

  6. I've been bodybuilding for 6 months now, and only recently started hiit training with my sessions , I usually do this on the treadmill but tried this today, such an amazing feeling once the workout is finished , I was sweating everywhere 😂 I'll keep this up for the next 10 weeks and keep you posted 😊

  7. If i do this around 1pm and weight trainning about 10 hours later will it be bad? Currently i do weights 4 times a week. and im so lazy i dont want to do anything on the weekends thats why i want to know if i can do both on the same day 😛

  8. i did exactly like u 40 sec rest 20 sec for 20 min. felt it work, sweated like nothing but the machine showed i didnt burn much calories, not as i expected. not sure how accurate that is or if i should bother with that or just keep doing this. just wondering how does it lead to fat loss if it doesnt burn as much as sprinting on treadmill for example, what do u think?

  9. I am doing weights four times a week. If I also do this 3 times a week, that means I will have to go to GYM everyday. Would you recommend that?

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