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    Omg…I remember when my thights looked like the photo. Please come back, I love you…( And I am pear shaped, so just imagine how was my waist) Unfortunately I don't have photos cause I was so ashamed and depressed.

  2. Guys, I have just watched a video about a girl talking about how subliminal can be extremely dangerous. I will not go into any details but they can lead to self-harm not wanting to be you and even suicide. Search up: be careful with Subliminals. I'm very worried that I might be scaring some of you but I do love everyone in the world and want to keep everyone safe. If you want me to find out more info for you, just ask me. Also, I know some young kids who are about 11 to 13 are getting hormones and being upset and angry with yourself. But you need to remember that it's all in your head. You don't need to change one bit. If you are that age yes you may gain a bit of weight, but soon enough to will get taller and lose the weight. Love you all and God bless you💓

  3. I am a small subliminal maker. It would be very great if you can help get up to 50 subscribers! It has been my dedication and desire! I just started making subliminals. If you do listen to my Thank you very much! I hope you get the best of results!

  4. My mom walking into my room: I made you so- why are you just lying there staring at the ceiling and listening to piano music Me: it's my workout routine

  5. I will be updating and telling you my results
    I already listened to this a couple of days before
    Day 1: I have gained weight so i started listening to subs I weighted 50 KG
    Day 2: My weight is 49.8 keep in mind I am fasting (Ramadan) and I exercise and listen to other subs
    Day 3: I gain 47.9
    Day 4: I am now 47.5 not bad my goal is to be 45 (my old weight)

  6. ♡tips to get amazing results♡
    ☆use multiple body/ any limb(s) you want. they may clash but dont worry☆
    ◇drink tons of water◇
    ¤use a booster (optional) im getting results without a booster but its your choice¤
    °do excersise while listening (optional) ive gotten amazing results with subliminals plus excersise°
    •do your whole playlist for like 2 days of the week•
    ▪︎thats it, enjoy your results!▪︎

  7. My sister excercises and wishes she got skinnier but me on the other hand be listening to subs , I tried telling but she didn’t believe subs worked ☹️

  8. Starting weight : 161.9Lbs
    Goal weight : 140 Lbs by August 2020
    I started this because im considered an obese teen, im not happy with that since everyone i know is 120 or less, im not doing this to be accepted by other people, i want to accept myself.

    April 19, 2020: 161.8Lbs, Starting weight is high but thats why we're here!
    April 20, 2020: 158.3Lbs Down by a lot already! im really happy about this
    April 21, 2020: 157.8Lbs Down again! lets see how long it will take to get to 155 or less!
    April 22, 2020: 159.0Lbs disappointed in myself but ill keep my head up high
    April 23, 2020: 160Lbs back to the starting point but that's ok!
    April 24, 2020: didn't listen that's why im still at 160.0Lbs
    April 25, 2020: I listened overnight and im the morning i was 157.6Lbs
    April 26, 2020: 158.2Lbs basically the same because i haven't been working out or eating right.
    April 27, 2020: 159.6Lbs
    April 28, 2020: 158.6 Lbs
    April 29, 2020: 158.2Lbs
    April 30, 2020: 158.2Lbs
    May 1, 2020: 159.1Lbs
    May 2, 2020: 158.8Lbs

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