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    hii! my name is alivia, and i’ve started listening to subliminals around three years ago! i’ve always struggled with not being happy with what i see in the mirror, i wouldn’t call myself fat, i’m just not as skinny as everyone else. it puts stress on me so i decided to give this sub a chance! i’m also listening to a sub that really helps me, but here are my updates!!
    date started listening to this subliminal: june 4th, 2020

    age: 13
    current weight: 102 pounds
    current height: 4’11

    how many times i plan on listening to this sub a day: probably once or twice, depends on my mood and how much time i have that day.
    ✩︎ 👀 ✩︎

    6/4/2020 – as i listened, my legs felt like they were being kind of poked ig? idk how to explain it, it was relaxing tho! my stomach also feels kind of flatter, so maybe this is working! i’ll update tmr.

  2. Thank you for creating this track a couple of days ago I listened to different creators of subliminals (I'm new) and when I went to bed creepy stuff started happening like at 3:00 am I woke up randomly and my dog started howling and I couldn't sleep I now only trust this and 1 other creators subliminals. I did only this one last night and everything was normal so thank you <3

  3. Its only been 20 minutes and my whole body is tingling and my stomach feels flat. It so weird to say, i was skeptical, but im gonna listening to this on to the daily now, thank you 🙂

  4. I usually use 3-7 minute subs but I'll try this out-
    I've used a lot of "loose weight fast/in a week/month" subs and they never seem to work on me (i listen about 6 times and overnight) so I hope this one works 💕

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