1. Hi Mr. Hall!! I'm very excited to share my results with you as it may help others as well. I started listening to this exactly 3 months ago and I was 220 pounds. I now weigh 173 pounds. I have listed to this every other day as well as another video of yours to help me go to sleep without anxiety because of my stressful work days. I'm so grateful that you have shared your gift with people like me who was very skeptical of hypnosis. I found this to work for me. After seeing the results by making small changes in the beginning with my food choices, feeling full throughout the day and eventually exercising (walking in treadmill 30 min daily to now running and sprinting on the treadmill) I can truly say I am a fan of yours, I respect your gift and I'm living the results. I'm excited to see what the next 3 months will bring and hope to remember to update you again. A huge thank you to you and God bless you 😊

  2. I don't know about you guys, but when Thomas Hall tells me to rest, goddammit, I rest! Seriously, though, if you came to the comments to see if this works, the answer is yes, absolutely. Listen as you fall asleep for a week…program your subconscious…that place between awake and asleep is the doorway to it… and suddenly you will find your waking self just doing it, no arguments.

  3. Okay so last night was the first night of me using this video. Normally, I never have breakfast, therefore snack during the day, however my day has been completely different. First, I should explain last nights experience.
    As I said, last night i used the video. I found it really great and really relaxing. I never knew I could feel that relaxed. The video ended, I immediately woke up and got dressed. This is strange as I never get up easily or early. Now sat finishing a bowl of porridge and fresh orange juice. I NEVER have any of these so this is really unusual! Feel really full and am enthusiastic for some exercise. And this is just after one night!!
    Will keep updating, but so far so good.
    Loving this new me!!❤ thanks so much Thomas!!

  4. I love this! I often have to wake up very early for my school as its it's very far away, but I feel so energised even in the morning(and I'm not a morning person)

  5. I ate like a whole bag of chocolate last night and slept with this on, and dropped 0.5kg LOL, I don't know if it's because I weigh myself at different time in each day or what, but I'm gonna try and listen and see if there's any further improvement. Very cool

  6. My first night of listening with the intent it’s ment for. I have previously listened for the wake up call and 100 it works for that!!
    so let’s see al be writing back once a week today my weight sadly is 16.6lb

  7. Last night I thought, why not try it. So I talked to my hubby about it and he was fine with me playing it. Friday night, I started it at 9 p because I was exhausted and couldn't stay awake. He came to bed later. At 4:55a on a Saturday morning, we both got out of bed spontaneously…which has. NEVER. HAPPENED. Usually, we are so exhausted by the end of the week (our weekdays start at 4 a), we sleep until 10:30 – 11 a. on Saturday and waste half the day. Here we are, up at 5a willingly – both of us woke right before the alarm at the end of the video went off. So right of the bat, that's odd. Neither one of us is hungry, which for me, as soon as my feet hit the floor, my stomach is grumbling. My hubby just commented that he is in a good mood (he's usually cranky in the mornings). So, this is pretty interesting. We'll see over time if it translates to weight loss, but this video has immediately altered our patterns on the first listen. Many thanks to you, Mr. Hall for making the effort and expense to put this content out.

  8. 8 min in i was tired asff. i’m going to be a freshman next year and i really want to make a change in me (look different) basically look pretty because i’m ugly but this is day 1 of me listening i started listening to this, today and basically it makes u really relaxed but i will keep u updated in the morning 🧘🏽‍♀️🥳💀.

  9. I saw the comment section full of positive results so i decided that i'll give this a try 💪 i'll try to update you guys when i see results (i'm trying to weigh myself only from month to month bcz i don't want to be obsessed with my weight) recently i started working out regularly and eating a little bit better so keep that in mind!

  10. Hi Thomas!!!!!i just have a question!how long do you think it would take me to lose 30 pounds if I listen to this every night and parts of the day?pleasee reply

  11. I just started listening to this last night. I'll update in a few weeks.

    When I woke up during the night I listened to it. The only thing i didn't like was the use of word "dieting" as it to me implies a temporary change in eating habits.

  12. Hey Thomas just wanted to say it's been 3 days I have been listening 8hours one. I started to eat healthy and smaller potions unconsciously. I m doing gym and started to see positive results. Finally I can see my shoulders bone. And I m so grateful to ur existence. Thank u. My goal is back to my original body size uk6. I m 8 now. I work in media industry so physique is a indicator of professionalism and self control. Also if u r fat brands dose t want to work with you….

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