1. Thank you So much for all your diet plans Vicky. I have a doubt with this meal plan, can I just eat 4 or 5 times instead of 7 times by skipping any 1 or 2 meal if not hungry. Is it necessary to take all 1600 calories ?? Please clarify, thanks in advance 😊

  2. So I generally don't comment but I felt I should for this one . I've tried this diet twice and both the times I have lost upto 3kgs . Yes , certainly not the big numbers like the others mentioned in the comment section but still 3kgs in 3 days is not bad at all . Thanks Vicky !!

    P.s : I would like to mention don't go overboard with it , for example if you have reached your ideal weight health wise and you still continue , you experience some kind of pain in the stomach , so don't push it like I tried to .

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