1. Was 240 pounds 2months ago and today I finally broke the 200 pound line which was my first goal! Thank you so much. My next goal is 170 pounds. Hopefully I can get there.

  2. If you are fat, you can lose weight. If you are skinny, you can gain weight.if your hair is messy, you can go to hair saloon, if your teeth is not properly alligned, you can wear bracers. But for me, im short. The only think can change that is buy performing expensive surgery. No matter what i do, if i become buff or handsome theres always have a word "BUT" in there.

    Handsome but short
    Buff but short
    Skinny but short.

    Fook my life. If you guys are tall, be grateful because you guys can change your appearance. For us short people, we need to perform surgery

  3. Would Italian dressing on the salad count as the oil allowance or is that separate? By tip of the thumb, does that mean the entire tip like a pat of butter or just the surface like a coin?

  4. My diet is one of the worsts

    My diet:

    Breakfast: most of the time nothing
    Lunch: a rap with a lot of crisps and ham and mayo
    Dinner: what ever my mum cooks
    Desert: ice cream sometimes
    And basically the only thing I drink is water.

    I’m not fat but I’m not skinny does anyone have some other tips of what to eat and what I shouldn’t eat??

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