1. Why you don't share in the description or in the video itself what you are saying? I like the music, but I feel uncomfortable not knowing what you are telling my body. Other people who do video subliminals are transparent and post the content of the messages, it's only fair. I will have to find another video.

  2. I am watching this with appetite control or else i die

    Story Below

    So i wanted to be fat because i was skinny, by my friends (it was not annoying just funny) standard i was malnourished (not really but thin)


  3. Day 1: I have no scale, but I’m currently around 189/190 or 200 pounds. I have been listening and I feel bloated and full and relaxed. I’m just now getting back into dance. It’s the easiest way for me to exercise. If you don’t mind please say some things to make me not give up. I have been bullied about my weight since I was a kid. I hope this works and I continue this healthier lifestyle. Please don’t scroll and leave a tip or diet plan.

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