1. Weight Loss Journal😇
    Starting Weight : 60.5kgs
    Goal Weight : 53 kgs

    Will be checking my weight every morning😌

    Day 0: 60.5 kgs
    Day 1: 60.2 kgs
    Day 2: 59.7 kgs
    Day 3: 60.5 kgs :/ I overate and it came back😰
    Day 4:

    Do like to support my journey 😘

  2. I do Workouts and try to eat better, but my weight goes down very slowly.
    If i dont forget ist, i will update.

    1 Day: I LOST 1KG? I wasnt eating very good and my workout was short so, HOW?

    Update: I listened for a few nights to this, and yes i dont know how but i did lost weight everytime i heared that. But i felt so sick but everything was fine. After Day 4 i decided to stop hearing this, cause i didnt feel well after listening to this. And it stoped everytime i stoped listening to this.

    Maybe its just not for me, but still wanted to let u know.

  3. Thank you! Another night down and another great day to look forward to!
    I’m on day 24 and after listening each night? I’ve no desire to eat anything that’s not healthy for my body! My friends say I am carrying myself differently and I do! I am more comfortable with my body and who I am as a person. It just kind of feels like a bonus that I have lost some weight too!
    I greatly appreciate your channel. ✌🏼🙏🏼❤️

  4. I will update every 3 days
    CW: 203 😳😩
    GW: 150 😊
    2/28/2020 Day 1: 203
    3/03/20 Day 3: 202
    3/06/20 Day 6: 200
    3/09/20 day 9 : 201 ☹️ I freaked out when I saw 200 and started eating a lot. Something in me doesn’t wanna lose weight.
    3/15/20 : 200

  5. I’ll try it

    Listen with headphones only at night during my sleep
    No exercise (I’ve got no time)
    No diet, just try to eat healthy when I can. No soda, sweets or candies, cereals (the ones with milk for breakfast) or salty treats.
    I’ll post an update in a week.

    Week 1. 1 pound lost

  6. Im relatively new to subliminal. I've discovered that it works better when subliminals have longer hours and when listened to during asleep as I do not want to listen to it in the morning due to playlist cravings. I will update after a week, not on a daily basis.

    Ive convinced myself to do this instead of the clear skin cause Im getting fatter and I dont want to be overweight. Let's do this!!

  7. Bro I just listened for one night and I don’t think I lost much weight but I felt rlly good today and I wasn’t hungry/had more self control :)))

  8. For those wondering if this truly works: it does, and I can’t believe it.

    I’m only sixteen and already I’ve struggled through becoming obese at the age of fourteen, developing anorexia and losing 80 pounds in one year, then recently gaining back 30-40 of those pounds. My weight and my relationship with food has always been skewed, for reasons I still haven’t figured out. I’ve lost hope and regained it so many time as well, telling myself the all too familiar, “this time I’m going to lose the weight.” However, “this time” never lasts. All I’ve ever wanted is to become confident enough for myself, and that’s what I recently set out to do – finally in a healthy way that’s sustainable and which doesn’t make me want to rip myself apart.

    I’ve listened to so many different subliminals to try and change my mindset surrounding food, but none have ever had a noticeable effect – not until I found this video. I started putting this on my TV and allowing it to play all night while I slept, and I’ve already noticed a WORLD of a difference. Seriously, it’s night and day – so far I’ve lost six pounds in five days!! I no longer feel any urges to stuff myself with junk food because I can or because it makes me feel happier, and it’s easy to eat what I need when I’m hungry and then stop. I don’t derive that kind of pleasure from food anymore, which has been a blessing. I’m also still able to eat a small treat EVERY DAY, feeling completely satisfied afterward (before it would’ve triggered a binge). I wish I could better explain how much this has already changed my life, but I don’t know if words can describe it.

    All I can say is that if you’re skeptical, just give it a couple of nights and hopefully it will do for you what it did for me. A positive mindset, willingness to change, and this video is all you need to lead a much happier, healthier life! Thank you so much to the creator(s) of this video, I’m one-hundred percent sure I would still be struggling without it. ♡

  9. I listened to this for a month almost every night. I knew this alone wont make me lose weight I'll have to make some changes. I lost 6kg. It didnt instantly make me lose weight but already after the first night I noticed my cravings ain't as strong. Maybe it helped my metabolism maybe not but it helped me feel full It helped me eat less. Like I said 1 month 6 kg no workout no "only healthy ahit' I been eating chocolate I have been eating crisps and sweets but smaller amounts only thing I cut out was alcohol. Maybe it was this or maybe it ws all me making up my mind about losing weight. Either way this never did me harm, it just made me more sleepy

  10. I can't beleive it, I listened to tuis with some other subliminals and a booster, AND I LOST 2 KGS OVERNIGHT I- THIS IS THE FIRST TIME A SUBLIMINAL WORK FOR ME, I WAS 51.5KGS AND I AM NOW 49.8KGS AJJQJQM IM SO HAPPY HAHA–

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