1. I've been doing this for three days. The first day I half-assed everything lmao now I can do most of the exercises correctly. I hope after a week I'll be able to do everything right!

  2. Hi
    This is Shivraj thanks for posting such good videos. Have a doubt I am doing repeats of 20 of each exercise. Can I drink water any interval. If I can after how much & after how much time can I drink water

  3. Hi Jordan, hope you have a great day. I have a question regarding this series exercise that when should we know that we can move to next level? Thanks indeed!

  4. alright.. second round finished me… just waited until the 3. workout was over, then i finally could standup… hope that i can get some results after a few weeks to climb higher and get this workout done..

  5. Loved the whole workout. But can you Edit and add the exercise bar in this video like your other videos ?. It gives motivation to complete each round when you know only 2 or 3 excercises are remaining.

  6. After 5min of my workout……. My chest getting back lo normal state.. There is no difference in my chest part….. Daily i m doing 100 pushup at all……. 🙄🙄🙄

  7. My step father recomended you to me. He said he lost a lot of weight very quickly. I started exercising with this video a week or so ago, and I'm already seeing some progress. I'm trying to exercise 3 times a week, on occasions, 4.

  8. This s really great sir. Pls keep up the good work. Everyday I play this video in my tv and do the exercise with u. I could not reduce my weight with walking and jogging. But now I can see quick results. Thank u so much

  9. following u since this lockdown, your videos are such amazing, u are the one who makes us really workout, i does help when one is working out with you. soon i will be uploading my before after picture and will tag u specially.
    thank jordan

  10. My chubby daughter and wife decided to do something about their health and we found this. We have done this 4 times together the last whole week, and today we are progressing to level 1.5.

    Following your video and work out together as a family is really fun. It is the best way to keep the family together while keeping us healthy in MCO at the same time. I can't thank you enough for these wonderful videos of yours. Keep it up!

  11. Hi Jordan, can you give me some advice for a start level one how long is the duration that we have to keep up? A week before moving forward to level 2?

  12. Tried this workout today. It's amazing I sweat alot. But heartbeat and muscle are not yet satisfying enough. I should try higher level. Thank you for making these videos. ❤️❤️

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