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  2. Good leg workout video. Thanks for not showing or talking about how your day went like other channels. I'll come back to check out some more of your vids. Cheers from Miami.

  3. Very nice workout video. i am also a gym trainer. i describe some tips please visit..
    Calves are usually done last on leg day, and most lifters throw on an exercise or two before calling it a day. But it would be a mistake to assume that all calf exercises are alike. While most calf movements are done with straight (but not locked-out) legs, bent-knee calf exercises are different in one important way: the soleus takes on the brunt of the workload.

    This is because the gastrocnemius (one of two major lower-leg muscles) attaches above the knee joint, making it unable to contract very strongly when the knee is bent. With straight-legged movements, both muscles are called into play. Hence, doing a straight-legged calf exercise (such as standing or donkey calf raises), in addition to seated calf raises (done last), most effectively targets these lower-leg muscles.

  4. I'm already having problems putting my legs in jeans I was always gifted when it came to having good-sized legs with the upper body I think the last time I measured my legs they were about 30 inches maybe more not too bad 4 hours of leg day pain at the gym

  5. I work legs hard! As hard as anybody yet my legs have grown minimally. I squat heavy and deep, leg press heavy, deadlift, lunge…the whole nine and I only see minimal growth…what gives?

  6. I love several of these exercises. What I don't love is that guy in the background pressing himself against a mirror to stretch. Dude, use the wall, not glass!

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