1. Great work out, but scary with my heavy metal dumbell, I had a super sweaty hand moment on the swinging 😂, but I gripped tight like a cat with its claws well in.

  2. I loved this workout. Have had my kettlebell for years and only used it once I think! I also am amazed that I can walk today cause i did the 500 squat challenge yesterday to the end!! I am liking that the next workout shows so I know what I will be doing tomorrow. It helps me plan my day and is making it easier to stick to my plan. Thank you PJ!!

  3. I'm a Certified Professional Trainer and Behavior Specialist. If you need any handouts to help you with your puppy, please let me know.
    Unless a puppy has been trained to love their crate, they don't necessarily like being confined…also, just like babies, puppies need lots of attention. The old school/outdated way of thinking, that you should let them " cry it out ", has been found to cause psychological issues, and can be detrimental to normal brain development. I'm not saying that you have to run to them, each time they cry, but if it persists beyond a few minutes, it needs to be addressed.
    Please don't hesitate to let me know if you have questions.
    Thanks for another great workout!

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