1. you don't give people time to transition from on exercise to the next… I need to pause the video every time or get time and I get lost… Great video but not very easy to follow!

  2. “Full body”… No back exercises, no biceps exercises, no calves exercises, no lateral or real delts exercises, way too much abs exercises, no chance of progressive overload. It’s basically 30 minutes of cardio. It will not shape your body in any way. Yes, it will burn a couple of hundreds calories if you’re lucky, yes it helps with your cardiovascular health, maybe it will be fun for you. Do not expect to look like her just by doing this routine, even for every day of the rest of your life. You will need a proper nutrition plan (which I think Kayla provides, so great for that if it’s a good plan with calories and macros) and you will need a real workout with PROGRESSIVE OVERLOAD. That means that for every muscle group you train, if you reach a certain number of reps with good technique (let’s say 6 reps for compound lifts and 10 reps for isolation lifts, maybe 12 to 15 for abs, calves, lateral and rear delts) you have to increase the weight (or you have to do a harder version of the body weight exercise if you are doing calisthenics). Otherwise you will just spin your wheels and stay always the same. Again, do not expect any “toned body” (whatever toned means) by doing this routine, which again it’s simply a very long warm up training.

  3. Does this help build muscle? I’m already skinny fat (look skinny but have a lot of flab) so I’m not trying to lose anymore weight just trying to build some muscle

  4. For all those commenting about their issues with this workout.

    I can recommend Lucy Wyndham Read for Hiit workouts that are short 7 min and full 20 min workout.
    All her vids have modifications for true beginners and workouts for different body shapes. I've honestly lost weight got fitter better motivated to workout.

    I have now moved on to T25 and Heather Robertson on You tube.

    Also check out Heather if you want next level challenge after the benefits of Lucy Wyndham Read's channel. BTW I still go back to some of hers on those days when fatigue is like a wall.

    The amount of free workouts these two ladies have shared on this platform is enough to get fit by.
    Hope this helps s.o.

    and both have warm up seperately on vids and sometimes incorporated in vids esp Heather.

  5. Check Sydney cumming playlist.. She gives free workouts everyday.. Variety of workouts are included (with equipment, without equipment, body weight training, strength training, hiit, plyometric exercises, Pilates, cardio, kickboxing etc)…

  6. This type of training is perhaps decent for someone who doesn’t know where to start but anyone who has been going to the gym for longer than six months or so knows this is not the most effective way to train! If you want to build any kind of fitness, muscle or shape then this basic resistance training is not going to cut it unfortunately. Her body shape is the result of doing only this type of exercise – boxy shape with a wide waist and no butt quads or calves. No hate this is purely observation coming from a fitness background

  7. She has no legs or butt at all and a wide waist. This is the result of her kind of basic resistance training = no shape, just built like a twig. Surprised she is so popular

  8. Loved this workout so much! Definitely not for beginners and way too fast lol I wish they could say when she was switching workouts and leave time to switch over because I like using the timer. I may just use my watch next time and write the workout down.

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