1. Any beginner who completes all 3 rounds in the first trial is a beast. I couldn't even complete 2 rounds fully😟

    Edit: I only just started doing workouts. So I started feeling nausea after almost completely the second round.

  2. Thank you for this VIDEO, now i'm starting to lose weight and looking for the induction the jump rope for beginner and today I did it for 3X rounds! i'm so proud of myself and will be continued !

  3. Now this is a good one for beginners! Today I gave it a try for the first time and even tough I made only some 80% of it ( yes, I m that kind of beginner 😜) I m pretty sure I ll soon get to doing it 100% 🌞 Thank you for this video! 💚🙏🏻🌞

  4. so beautiful you are dear trainer ! I seriously thought it as animated avatar xx much. love from Norway . can't wait to workout my first class with u

  5. By the way: I CAN do boxers step easily without a rope, but once I try combining with the rope it goes wrong😊. I do fast cardio exercises with many combo’s and I generally do not have issues with my co’ordination whatsoever.

  6. Hello! Thanks for this video; I’m using this to learn basic jump as a beginner. However, once I start to move on to boxer’s skip, for some reason I have trouble with co’ordination… feet/hands. Is this common? What can I do to overcome?

  7. Yay I did it. Not without a lot of stops and start overs especially towards the end when I could tell I was getting tired, but this kept me on track to the end.

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