1. Nice video but can you increase the reps and videos for beginners from 10minutes to 15 minutes and so on till 45 minutes… it would be helpful

  2. do we have to do warm up before start jumping and how? i really need to know because after jumping i will feel like pulled muscle ๐Ÿ™

  3. Hey Winter, Recently I've developed a liking for jump ropes and have been trying to grasp different techniques online. Have watched at-least a 100 videos on jump ropes but came back again and again to this one to get hold of new moves. Commendable job here.
    Also, while doing the side to sides, I'm only able to switch to normal jumping from my left side and am unable to do so from the right side. Can you help me out here.

  4. Hey winter! Nice workout video, will try this. I suffer from shin splints on my left leg so how many times a week should I do this? Will it help strengthen my legs? Let me know. Thanks!

  5. Always a pleasure to watch your videos! With your help from earlier videos I have already passed the beginner phase, thank you Winter!

  6. I love abs on a woman. What weighted rope is that? 1/4? Anyway, a beeping sound when rest time is over and new workout begins would help.

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