1. Jinder NOOOO your injured again uhhh sorry to hear man you just came back dang. Celtic warrior tell him the fans said get well and on the knee surgery recovery
    Darrel C

  2. Sheamus, your such an inspiration to so many amazing people all across the world. I love you so much Sheamus. You always are up to try new things. That inspires me too try to get active. You have worked out with so many WWE superstars. Your an amazing person and I really hope you can become the new WWE Champion! I would love to see you at WrestleMania 37! The dream match would probably be Sheamus vs Jinder. Your my hero and I couldn’t tell you enough how much you are loved by so many WWE fans. Always look on the positive side of things and always know we love you! 🥺❤️👊🏻

  3. You both are cool & humble.. I don't know why WWE always gives you negative roles… Sheamus & Jinder is powerful even can beat Roman Reigns. Chakk de phatte..

  4. Can we bring Jinder back again?? Love the principles he carries in the "temple". Also, would you consider a behind the scenes video? I know you bust your ass to film these and it should be appreciated!!

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