1. I want to try this. Probably this week. I do her cardio/kick, which kicks my butt! I think I can try this one. I think Natalie's an awesome trainer. Thanks!!!

  2. Still LOVE this workout! It is just the perfect mix of strength and cardio and just enough to get you feeling AMAZING! Natalie is a wonderful teacher- her presence is so calming yet motivating and inspiring!!! THANK YOU GYMRA!

  3. I was wondering where I know her. She used to be in Jillian Michaels workout videos…good to know she's alone…doing her thing. Her workouts remind me of Jillian…

  4. Good Workout! I burned about 250 calories from start to finish. I would have liked to repeat each circuit instead of move on to the next move each time, but it still was a great workout.Thanks!

  5. How did I just find this channel??? I have been looking for a good mix of different workouts because I like to switch up what I do every day and I also don't have a ton of time to work out. The trainers are awesome and the workouts are great!

  6. Your exercises are excellent. I watch them on either YouTube or through my Roku Stick. The workouts are intense, but they go so fast, you can't really tell. I did this one today, so I know I'll feel it tomorrow, but I plan on doing one of your rejuvenate yoga workouts to counterbalance. Thanks again. Does GymRa sell workout gear?

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