1. let me tell you something is for women too like I used this a few times a week for a couple of weeks and i got a better v line then my man owww and ladies for when you bloat having the "v" illusion makes it seem ya belly flat so try it

  2. I appreciate the video and the information. But, WHY do you do ab workout video with your Shirt ON? We could get a lot more out of actually seeing which muscles are being worked IF you would do them WITHOUT a shirt covering them.

  3. I have epilepsy but I can work out all I need is some of kind of eating habits I'm eating cereal in the morning I have yogurt in the afternoon and then I am I big dinner at night what kind of foods do you think I should eat during the day please let me know my email is KD Muldoon 65 @ gmail.com please get in touch with me thank you

  4. Wonderful excercises for the side obliques. I'll try to incorporate some of them in my ab workouts! But I'm sure you make them look easy, LOL! I watched the video on the body type link and considering investing in your program.

  5. Every time I do floor whipers my lower back starts to hurt the next day…… Another one that makes my lower / mid back hurt is doing leg lifts but instead of lifting legs up and down, moving them in a circle to work the lower ab and sides of lower ab….. IDK if Im the only one that gets that problem having lower back pain doing those

  6. Love ur workouts I combine them from 4 videos into one n try to make it a whole body workout.

    (Yet as I did my workouts I added my run in one day rest then begin the next n repeat mistake didn't add an extra two days rest into my cardio + running injured myself long story short remember to always take ur rest days as needed)

    Yet over all see huge results from 259 weight to 187 weight 2 months n a half little fat here n there yet working on it.

    Goals!! Cx

    Thank you again and you inspire me to push the limits. =}

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