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  2. Day 1: was easy at the start but then started to feel the burn towards the end
    Day 2: was surprisingly harder than the first day and I really felt the burn
    Day 3: still don’t really see any difference but it was much easier this time
    Day 4: still no thigh gap
    Day 5: starting to see a slight difference but I think it’s just my imagination
    Day 6: still no difference in my theighs but I keep trying 😉
    Day 7: im starting to lose hope, i see no difference in my theighs at all, but the workout didnt burn as much
    Day 8: still no difference 😔
    Day 9: oops I forgot to do this day
    Day 10: normal still not really a difference tho
    I’ll keep you guys updated 😊

  3. I have been doing this workout for ages now and I have really seen a big difference not only in my thighs but my self confidence when it comes to my thighs. I only do one set every night so that it doesn’t feel really bad but it still burns just doing one set! I would highly recommend but you need to be able to make time for this in your everyday like as your thighs will become thicker if you stop doing it 😚😚

  4. Day 1 ✅ – This hurt, a lot.
    Day 2 ✅ I took a break during the half of the workout because it was too hard… I did some streches during that time… Finished it through though.

  5. Nobody :
    Not even the person reading this instead of working out :
    Not even a single soul :
    Not even the 1k armys in the comments :
    Me after one exercise: stands on the scale , goes to look in the mirror at my legs and asks my sister if i can compare my thighs to hers

  6. Okay so I'm doing this in quarantine ❤️

    ( 🥗 Make sure to eat healthier during this! )
    Here is how it's going so far:

    Day (1) I did it! My legs feel alright but I did feel some burning not to much. No change in my legs ofc 😂 but we'll have to see after a long period of time.

    Day (2) I wasn't bothered to do it but I did do it anyways, I felt fine but the burning was abit more than before but that's a good sign! No change in legs but that's okay. 👍

    Day (3) I did it again! I felt tired and out of breath which is good also, looking at my legs I don't see any changes but I measured it and it went down by one CM! 🤯 That's what I am looking for, even though it's not that much but at least it's working. Yay!

    Day (4) AAAA oK my legs HURTT! Like what y? 😩 I felt the burning aload more today i don't know why through. And actually I do see alittle change in my thighs!!! But only a small bit! I'll keep going.

    Day (5) REST DAYYY! 😴 Make sure to have rests guys! So your muscles get a rest, see you guys tomorrow then!

    Day (6) Okay after that nice rest day I didn't wanna do itttt, 😭 but ofc I forced myself to do it lmao. AND IF YOU THOUGHT DAY 4 BURNING WAS BAD WELL THIS DAY WAS WORSE! Sorry guys I hv issues, but like DAMN it hurt! I'm feel so proud of myself rn. Like I said I kind of see a difference but at least I see alittle something u know?

    Day (7) I did itttt! The burning wasn't bad yay lmao, and yes I am starting to see a change in my legs but again it's not too much but it is starting to change and I'm really happy abt it! 😌

    Day (8) I got rlly lazy so my dog did it for me 🐕, idk how but his thighs look better than mine. 🙁

    Day (9) Ok I'm getting really lazy which happens all the time I really need to get back on track. I did it again, phew. Didn't burn but there is a problem. My knee caps hurt lol my knees are so trash. They hurt after the workout, maybe I didn't do it correctly. It wasn't burning at all, it was pain. It wasn't her fault don't worry guys, idk what happened. 🙍🏼‍♀️ I will try do it tomorrow and see what happens. (Insert sadness here)

    Day (10) lol I ditched my plan, I'm not doing it today cuz I'm not bothered✌️

    Day (11) shh I'll probably be doing it soon. I might to it twice today who knows.

    Day (12)
    l this day is yet still to come! Wait until tomorrow I

  7. I have been doing this for 4 days now and I can say that I don't see any difference I think it has made my leg like a more …. From the front. ( Like legs of a sports person). But I think if I keep doing this my legs will get thin. And also don't think that you cannot do this at first it is hard but slowly it will get better. I will update if I see some changes.

  8. If you're strolling through the comments to see if this works, IT SO DOES guys. Have done it barely four or five times and I'm seeing major results. Totally worth your time
    And no, I didn't change anything about my diet. Good luck

  9. Here doing this for ? amount of weeks because of corona and I want to look good when I go back to school.
    Measurements at the beginning: biggest part of my thighs : 54cm
    Day 1: WOAH this really burns. I had to take 1 break but I still got it pretty well!
    Day 2: DONE. I still had to take break.
    Day 3: DONE
    Day4: ❌didnt do today
    Day5: DONE
    Day6: ❌omg im so lazy I didnt dod it today.
    Day7: omg guys I did it without any breaks!!! I feel sooo good!
    Day8: Oh I cant believe its already been a week. I can see some results. You guys can do this!
    Day9:❌ I was feeling a bit sick.
    Day10: DONE
    DAY11: DONE
    Day14: DONE
    Day 15: HALF WAY DONE. and my legs are not that slim.
    Day 16: DONE
    Day 17: DONE! It burned this time extra much. But I got throught it🦵🏼❤️
    Day 18:DONE
    Day 19:DONE
    Day 20:DONE
    Day 21:DONE Woah Its already been 3 weeks. I have done too much breaks because of period and illness but I'll do from now every each and single day!!
    24: DONE
    25:❌ sunday break
    26: DONE
    28:DONE Its been 3 weeks. But I have been doing so much breaks so I haven't lost over 1cm. But for the last couple days my thighs have been getting more toned!

  10. hey! I have a problem, so hopefully maybe you'll be able to help me 🙂

    while I do the exercises I don't feel my inner thighs at all :/ all I feel are my outer thighs. is that normal?

  11. I started doing this workout for a week and I see a little bit of improvement. My thighs are more toned and my inner thighs definitely look a little slimmer than before. I’m going to do this workout for two months and I’ll see how it goes.

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