1. Though ur workouts aren't d ideal form of it n sme are just half reps but still ur doin it dat wat makes u different frm other n i knw it's ur start u'll b grt ahead in future just keep doing it ignore d negativity in cmmnts.
    And d 2:30ur lift was awsm u were doing it better than so many pro athletes…gbu

  2. Pehle seekh to le….. It's good you are doing something but first get to a level where others would want to see you….. You are using India's name internationally and then showing these beginner level, izzat rakh bhai thodi India ki

  3. I think this is your beginning and people will hate you ,but never stop and keep going bro.These people in comment section They just want to judge you.ignore em …..train hard&eat good. 🙂

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