1. Gorgeous girl! VERY cute face and smile! (her booty is perfect too, of course), but I love how she's just having so much FUN while doing this routine, with a BIG smile on her face! <3

    This type of dance routine looks even more amazing in the dark with a multi color LED lighted hoop, like while dancing at a rave or music festival!… This is a very cool new, growing trend that I've started to notice!

  2. I dated a woman like this. She wasn’t a hooper until after we started dating and then she refused to dress conservatively on her instagram account, so I got jealous and we broke up. What can I say? I don’t want to date a porn star.

  3. pretty girl, but the tattoo looks like an ugly black and blue bruise. Big tats don't work on attractive women they always look like crap. And when this kid ages it'll look worse…

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