1. Wow. I come on the channel to look hooping and instead one of the first comments is "imagine how your boyfriend would feel if you did that naked." I'm not on here to learn how to dance naked, and it has nothing to do with hula hooping. If you wan to post a video with sexually explicit comments, then you might want to try a different site. I will not be returning to this channel.

  2. I hope you decided to keep using your hoop. I just bought a 2.5 lb hoop from Walmart and it hurt to use at first but I just rested between uses by a day or so and finally got used to it. I know it does hurt when you start off but I like mine so much I'm buying one for my friend since we're exercising together. Also if you use the hoop after you have adrenaline pumping from other exercise it hurts less.

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