1. When I was 14 I wanted to do 30 Pushups and did 30 a day in one set. I had no shame in doing lady's Pushups. First day did 5-8 regular then did the rest from knees. Everyday seemed to do more regular and less lady's, Within about 10 days I was doing sets of 30 regular. I couldn't believe how quick I got better, I probably had bad form but still. I noticed my triceps were way stronger, when I was on bed leaning over to get things out from under the bed I could use the other arm to push me self back up, was amazed how strong I got. Soon after as well was age champ swimmer as we had a pool and I had the right build, I think the push ups really helped. As needed minimal training to get good.

  2. Have been trying it out for 2

    months now and I have really

    seen changes!

    I train one day and then take a break fornthe following two. This helps me create a rhythm which is realistic to develop a habit to as a beginner starting out!

    Thank you very much!

  3. I can't do negative pull-ups too weak! Tried band-assisted and I can only do 2-3 with full range. Any advice? Right now I'm doing the Russian ones I think. Where my feet are on the ground at an angle and I'm pulling from there. Does that work?

  4. A1: Pullup Eccentric 3-5 reps

    A2: Plank 30-45 seconds

    A3: Elevated Pushups 4-8 reps

    B1: Chinup Eccentric 3-5 reps

    B2: Kneeling Walkout 5-8 reps

    B3: Dip Eccentric 5-8 reps

    No rest between A1-A3

    Rest 2-3 minutes after A3

    Repeat 1-2 more rounds

    No rest between B1-B3

    Rest 2-3 minutes after B3

    Repeat 1-2 more rounds

    Complete routine 2-3x per week

    Achieve at least one:

    -more reps

    -more sets

    -increase duration of the eccentrics

  5. The best way for beginners to learn to love exercising is to AVOID isometric exercises. They are the bane of motivation. Isometric exercises such as the plank are simply a form of sustained torture to the beginner…and intermediate. The movements should be lively and interactive. When holding a position, the mind focuses as well as the muscles. And that focus results in people realizing they DON'T enjoy it. Thus, it simply doesn't work for most people. The plank is pure crap for the uninitiated. As is the wall sit/squat. Get rid of these movements…until later at least. But really, they aren't necessary at all to build a strong core.

  6. Great, well explained and without shouting, (which a lot of exercise video presenters do). A physique to inspire the fatties, (myself included) into getting up and working out.

  7. I have been extremely interested in calisthenics, and I will make it the core of my physical exercise. With this beginning workout, I will have a great start. Thank you for your time!

  8. From beginner i drop to zero, due to an injury in my right shoulder the first day with rings…50 …..yes, thought another thing of me. Next week i pretend start from zero…and i'll do from this video. Thanks. ( from 19 to 38 in gyms but not much calisthenics. From 38 to 50 only running fighting my overload body). Yes i can.

  9. Daniel thanks so much for a very clear detailed video. I had forgotten all about Calisthenics, At present I don't any way of doing the pullup work or the dip, but I can do the rest and at 55 my core needs a lot of help so I can take the pressure of the lower back. Thanks again

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