1. Finally! It's refreshing to see someone who breaks down the form accurately and lays out sensible progressions/regressions for safer stronger execution unlike a lot of tutorials for beginners just going for the "burn". Great stuff down here.

  2. Great video! I appreciate it when someone takes the time to explain things instead of just showing an exercise. Look forward to watching ALL of your videos now, and learning as I go. Gotta get back into shape again 🙂

  3. 1. right form and movement.
    2. build core strength (anterior and posterior core ).
    3. do progressive movement; if you can't do a movement from the start like for example push up, do it with your knees if you can't do a full one ( part of a whole ).

  4. He is so right and to do exercises slowly o have always stated but all these videos have us do stuff fast! Fast is not best! Slow up and down builds strength better! ❤️💪.

  5. This is inspirational! Thank you for doing a channel “for beginners” who are keen to do calisthenics. I’ve been weightlifting for the past 20 years+ (yes, that’s right) and frankly as I get older it’s getting boring, losing my strength and growing a belly. I want to reboot my body, gain strength and get back into shape and been hype about calisthenics, I think it’s the way to go! Just sub!

  6. I don't tbinm I flexible enough , like for v-ups I have the core strength to lift my body but my legs don't remain straight because I'm not flexible 😩

  7. Clear, concise advice. Why not a series for beginners specifically? First exercises, first flows, etc. Looking forward to following you

  8. I so would go training with you, you know your stuff.
    You want advice? Ok, this is what I think:
    Most of us who go through YT looking for information are people who are interested in a healthy lifestyle and want to do better.
    After this Covid story, after my gym closed, I started working out in the park and at home but what I do just ain't enough. I need a structured plan, something to stick with. As you said in the end, helping us develop a solid bodyweight training would be very helpful. One other thing: some of us, like me, had injuries/ I hurt my back so I can't yet perform as efficiently, maybe talking about overcoming that would be something worth looking into.
    Also, why not arrange a FB page?
    I know I will be checking your stuff out because I am really interested in the biomechanics, smart training etc.
    Well done, I think you will be successful with all this, good luck xx

  9. I really want to do pullups again, but just not strong enough. The exercise also tweaks my neck because my neck is overly engaged. My expensive pilates trainer I used to see tells me that I need to strengthen my arms so that my neck will stop overcompensating. Your advice in this video is helping me to just to start with small movements and scapular mobility. I really feel that if I follow what you say I will be deeply stronger and avoid injuries. This is GOLD!

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