1. Hi Mark,
    Im 56 and finding calisthenics after doing weights for years.
    Is there anywhere i could email you with a few questions if you have the time?

  2. Great Video and an inspiration to us over 50's.

    Can I ask at what point do you progress to the next stage, or will your body let you know, so for example say I am at the dip stage, when do I progress from the "Leg Assisted" to the "numb Leg Dip" and so on?

    What would be your typical number of circuits for a beginner?



  3. Lovely to learn from someone who clearly knows his stuff. Thanks! 50 this year, been doing a version of calisthenics over the last 12 months. Slow but rewarding. To quote your good self, "it makes me feel alive"! Good for golf too!

  4. Instead of the bands I started using a machine that assists you in much the same way at my health club, but I will use your warmups and circuits. Thanks from Chicago!

  5. Mark, I’m 56 and this is inspirational stuff. Going to integrate this into my work outs and see how I get on. Let you know in 6 maths. Keep the videos coming, really appreciated.

  6. I am 53, 5’4, 109 lbs, I am desperate for more muscles. I run, cycle, weight lift BUT I WANT MORE so I thought about doing this, along with indoor wall climbing. This video is great , it landed in my inbox… you found me! Thank you!

  7. Enjoyed the “bajeezers” out of these videos. 64 YO use to be (of course) extremely fit. Have had 2 lower spine surgeries so these low impacts are down my line.Difficult time finding dip bar, perhaps being to picky. Lived in Ipswich for 2 years… thanks Mark

  8. ? any advice about pulling self all the way over the bar for German Hang and Skin The Cat? I am reluctant to go that far around at 50 yrs old without some form of prior exercises for a few weeks before trying. “I ain’t no Spring Chicken” and don’t want to tear anything. All the other stuff is fair enough…

  9. I appreciate your approach ("little by little, step by step"), maybe because I am 60, or maybe not. I am not new to physical exercise, but having dropped any activity for 5 years, I must admit that coming back is harder than I thought. Anyway, since Paul Newman/Eddie Felson did it, I can do it as well.

  10. Mark your video is by far the best of all the many I've watched on calisthenics. I'm doing it and being sensible and patient. Just wish I'd gotten started like this in my 20's ! Many thanks for sharing.

  11. Great beginners video! I’m 48 so this is motivational that you can still get to a decent level. Although I’ve done a little bit of training in the past, I’m officially 3 weeks into my callisthenics journey so these progressions are good to know. Starting on rings this week. This time next year I hope to be doing human flags and handstand press-ups!!

  12. Great stuff!

    I was trying out some of this at the gym today as it is something that I want to achieve – mostly the pull up and the L-sit.

    Q: Do you just do the routine once per workout or do you do multiple circuits?

  13. Good video.. I'm 48 years-old been doing calisthenics 4 round roughly 3 months now using gym rings and parallettes and I have built a lot of strength just by doing the static holds. Like to one day be able to do a muscle up on the Rings. 😉 I like to do a 15 second hold at the top of a pull-up then 10 second negative. I've never really used resistance bands for assistance, only just to warm up my shoulders.

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