1. I have been doing keto, low carb diet and sometimes cheat. But this quarantine for one month has made us limit our purchases. My keto supplier on lockdown. . My diet is about more on vegetables, fruits, eggs, wheat bread, biscuits, regular coffee with cream, chicken. I am unable to meet the ideal intake of protein to lose weight. I noticed that my tummy began to lessen quickly. I am surprised!

  2. I lost a lot of weight doing a sort of keto and IM. But over the past few months, winter, I’ve gained back 3 lbs and feel like I’m getting puffier again. I had NASH but with Metformin and diet my liver has drastically improved. I’m just worried about the little weight gain. Any ideas?

  3. So when I was losing weight but still ate carbohydrates not cutting down on sugar or had a can of pop every day, how did I lose fat and weight? You say it's not possible to burn fat when insulin isn't zero. It must have been possible because I used to lose weight without cutting it out. I feel the only reason I can't now is because I've damaged my kidneys and my gall bladder was removed, plus I'm taking thyroid pills for hypothyroid.

  4. Best doctor I've ever had!
    Oopsey, I'm in bed with my NON celery snack, more like 5 dark chocolate pomegranate, about 20 mini (I want to emphasize the mini) pretzels, and a drink (1/2 cranberry juice 1/2 7up, it's freaking delish), must pay better attention 😜😜

  5. I can’t believe how interesting and easy You explain the scientific stuff. I admire your intelligence, competence and sense of humor.

  6. I knew about sugar and bloating (get plenty of it ALL the time), but not frequency of eating, about excess cortisol (through caffeine, too) and IF. My life has changed 180 degrees since starting your HK/IF program. Thanks Doc 🙂

  7. I exercise and am intermittent fasting, and fasting, better and more sleep; I am loosing my high key tones (urinary test strips) to no key tones, I am at a plateau as I gained 4 ounces last week. I feel good with plenty of energy and no appetite. I was previously loosing weight very slowly less than 2 lbs per week. I have lost 22 lbs.

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